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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hour of Code

This is the week of 11-4 through the 10, and this week lots of coding websites are doing an hour of code in the hopes of getting 1 billion students to take the class and learn basic coding stills. I did the one on and chose two classes, Minecraft and Flappy Bird. Here's the certificates:
I found them really fun and you should try them too :)

Monday, November 21, 2016

Don't Flip Out

We flipped a 500 mL bottle 10 times with 125 mL in the bottle. We flipped it the same way each time. We then recorded the data and repeated it with 250, 375, and 500 mL in the bottle.

My claim is that the closer to ¾ of the way full, the more it will land successfully.

My evidence is (on average) with 125 mL it landed 1 time, with 250 mL, 2 times, with 375 mL, 2 times, and with 500 mL, 0 times.

I think this happened because there was enough water to weigh it down, but not having to much water and being too bouncy.

My evidence supports my claim because it landed more on ½ and ¾ than the others.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Mr. Manager and the Rich People

A business manager for a light bulb company is explaining how their battery work in hopes getting funds from a rich group.

Mr. Manager: "Stored chemical energy inside a battery causes a reaction, which makes it so it turns into electrical energy. When a battery is connected to a light bulb, the electrical energy flows the wires and into the light bulb. There, some of the electrical energy is converted into light and heat energy. The remaining energy goes back into the wires and into the battery. It then repeats this cycle in until all of the energy has been converted into light and heat."

Rich Person: "Excuse me, but what does this have to do with your product."

Mr. Manager: "Ah yes, I was just getting to that. Our product, called the Transformbulb®, harnesses all the wasted heat energy and uses it to power the Transformbulb® longer, with less wasted electricity. The special glass traps the heat, and makes it flow down to the base of the bulb, where it is converted to electricity."

Rich Person: "Yes, this product sounds like it will be successful, and we will invest in it."


Friday, October 28, 2016


You are in the jury at a court case debating whether a battery is the metal strips inside of the battery or also the chemical inside.

Judge: So, Phoenix Wright, you say that the battery is the metal strips inside along with the chemical inside that causes the reaction.

Phoenix Wright: Yes sir! Without the chemical, in this case copper sulfate, the chemical reaction would never have started, and electricity wouldn't flow though it.

Judge: Yes, Phoenix Wright, I agree with you. From this case I conclude that a battery is not complete without a chemical.

Drawing of a home made battery with labels:

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Catastrophic Mt St. Hellens

  A catastrophic event took place on May 18 1980, the erupton of Mt St. Hellens! Mt St.Helens  builds up each time after eruption by pushing lava out of the lava dome and gragually gets bigger. It will keep rebuilding and erupting for a long time! During each eruption Mt St.Helens change the earth by filling the rivers, raising the lakes, and smooth out the landskape with mud and layers of ash. One website I saw on the internet said, "Many of these layers formed as debris slid down the side of the volcano and as mudflows and pyroclastic flows (containing volcanic ash, rock fragments and hot gasses) covered the landscape around the volcano, adding layer apron layer to the surface." Over the course of time, Mt St. Hellen's has changed the shape of itself, and the land surrounding it.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Mt St Hellen's e-mail

E-mail between Mt st Hellen's, and Mt Rainier

Dear Mt Rainier,
       I am e-mailing you spout this latest eruption of mine. I was very impressive, this time around. There was lots of destruction and they didn't expect that I would blow sideways. Do you know why I erupted this time? Well, it was because of pressure building underground that forces magma up and melts the surrounding rock. All the heated gasses expanding cause the pressure. Then the magma shoots up through a weakened part of the rock and blasts out in an eruption. I can't wait till next eruption.

      Your friend,
                Mt St Hellen's

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

7 Random Facts

  1. I'm an American
  2. I love waffles
  3. I enjoy playing video games
  4. I love pugs
  5. I have a scar from running into a wall in 3rd grade
  6. My favorite game is Minecraft
  7. and I live in a giant log house