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Monday, October 31, 2016

Mr. Manager and the Rich People

A business manager for a light bulb company is explaining how their battery work in hopes getting funds from a rich group.

Mr. Manager: "Stored chemical energy inside a battery causes a reaction, which makes it so it turns into electrical energy. When a battery is connected to a light bulb, the electrical energy flows the wires and into the light bulb. There, some of the electrical energy is converted into light and heat energy. The remaining energy goes back into the wires and into the battery. It then repeats this cycle in until all of the energy has been converted into light and heat."

Rich Person: "Excuse me, but what does this have to do with your product."

Mr. Manager: "Ah yes, I was just getting to that. Our product, called the Transformbulb®, harnesses all the wasted heat energy and uses it to power the Transformbulb® longer, with less wasted electricity. The special glass traps the heat, and makes it flow down to the base of the bulb, where it is converted to electricity."

Rich Person: "Yes, this product sounds like it will be successful, and we will invest in it."


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