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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mission to Mars 🌎🚀


       Have you ever looked up and wished you could go to a different planet. Whether to explore, or just get out of doing homework, lots of people want to leave earth. Scientists plan to get people on Mars by the year 2030! That means kids today could be on the first trip! Scientists are designing a spaceship called "Orion" that will be able to travel to mars in eight months a ship the size of a van. When we get there we will live in controlled environments underground. We will probably have to travel in these van sized enclosed buggies to get around. Liquid water can't exist on mars because of its atmosphere, but there are Polar ice caps and scientists hypothesize that there is a large amount of water in Mars's cryosphere, so we might be able to get water from there. But water would still be precious, so we wold have to use water conservative toilets and sinks. So overall, going to mars probably won't be like the game Astroneer and we won't be sucking oxygen and hydrogen directly off the walls of caves.

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